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The most effective way to measure and diagnose your workplace culture.

Deployed internationally by more than 1000 organisations in 10 countries, Perception Mapping has been providing customised culture diagnostics for over 20 years.

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Work Culture Diagnostics

Every workplace consists as a series of unique subcultures formed within each workteam and department. Perception Mapping provides fully customised diagnostic surveying to help you understand each subculture and what interventions are needed to improve the performance of any work group.

Job Fit Profiling

Getting the right person into the right job is critical. Every person has a preferred work style and preferred working environment. Perception Mapping uses Omnia profiling to help you find the right person every time.


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The PM Advantage

Our free culture diagnostic measures four elements in each of 5 Crucial Culture Dimensions and provides you with an accurate baseline for future comparisons with your TLC Checks

What an outstanding tool to keep a running check on how our work culture is doing.

Grant Donovan


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