Creating and managing high performance teams.

Many organisations have achieved success by replacing the traditional hierarchical boss-subordinate relationship with that of an empowered work team.

In such a team environment, people are not managed, controlled or supervised. They are led by their mutual vision of the organization's purpose and goals. Research continues to show tha teams out-perform individuals acting alone, especially when performance requires multiple skills, judgments, and experience.

A major issue in developing (and managing!) high performance teams is that most employees have never learned how to best work as part of a team. Our culture promotes independence, self-sufficiency and competitiveness at the expense of shared goals and collaboration.

This issue becomes is key to creating and understanding high performance teams.  But how do you understand, let along measure the "workability" of a team?

Perception Mapping Team's Diagnostic and Performance tools are used to measure 9 key indicators of performance:

  1. Team cohesiveness
  2. Team conflict
  3. Openness of communication
  4. Team satisfaction
  5. Team support
  6. Team resources
  7. Team feedback
  8. Role clairty
  9. Interpersonal Tust

To find out how these 9 factors can help you build a high performance work team, start a discussion with us today.

The Perception Mapping Team Diagnostics and Performance tools and development program will:

  • Optimally structure team roles to maximize potential
  • Resolve conflict and communicate creatively  
  •  Persuasively advocate change
  • Strategically network your team
  • Unlock the creative potential of your team
  • Create a positive and supportive team culture

Find out more about our self-directed work team by talking with Perception Mapping.

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