One-in-Five Diverse Workers Have Experienced Discrimination or Unfair Treatment at Work

Right now, it is possible that one in five of your organization's employees have experienced discrimination or unfair treatment at your work place.  Are you surprised by the results of this survey? 

Then consider this.  The very same survey highlighted that 23% of diverse workers said they have been discriminated against or treated unfairly in the workplace based on their diverse background and individuals with disabilities reported the highest incidence at 44% of workers.  We can measure your cultural diversity and cultural diversity issues.  We call this our organisation culture survey.

Discrimination and unfair treatment has the potential to cause significant harm to your organisation.  An unhealthy work place culture leads to low productivity, increased absenteeism and low moral.  If left untreated tension between individual employees and groups inside of your organisation has the potential to cause significant damage, even negligent lawsuits.

But how do you identify whether this is an issue for your organisation?  Many outcomes of unfair treatment and conditions are not exactly tangible.  They manifest themselves through poor motivation and poor performance. 

Using an easily understood colour map, Perception Mapping can graphically illustrate those areas of your organisation that may at risk from discrimination and unfair treatment isues.  This tool can also be used to map the progress of change management programs.

Discrimination in the work place, however, is only one aspect of workplace culture you need to be critically aware of.  Issues such as employee motivation, satisfaction, friction and core-value alignment can all impact on success and viability. 

The Perception Mapping WorkPlace Culture Map is designed to identify complex internal factors that will make or break strategic change, innovation and performance excellence.

To best understand how culture maps can work for your organisation, start a discussion with Perception Mapping today.

Do you know the answers to the questions that high performance organisations must ask themselves?:

  • Are our key employees satisfied, or are they looking for opportunities outside our organisation?
  • Are our employees happy and motivated?
  • What is the prevailing culture of our organisation?
  • What are our people preoccupied with? Today?  This week?  This year?
  • How does work really get done on a day-to-day basis?
  • Where are the black spots in our culture that are holding performance back?

Perception Mapping can provide you with detailed answers to these questions and others.  And unlike traditional 'survey' organisations, we work with you to customise and embed survey software throughout your organisation.  Our system is customised and low cost, whilst still providing rapid turnaround on results and reporting.

The best way of starting with Perception Mapping is to start a meaningful discussion about your organisation.  By doing this, we can help identify the real issues you face and build a solution profile that is absolutely customised to your needs.  To start a confidential discussion with Perception Mapping, simply click here.


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