Exactly why do good employees leave?

The failure to retain the most talented and productive employees — the stars that drive the success of any organisation — costs small employers thousands of dollars a year in lost knowledge and experience. And for large organisations, the price is even steeper at millions of dollars, year after year.

Recognising the obvious costs, companies are taking proactive steps to reduce turnover and retain employees. Learning and understanding why employees stay and leave and the attributes that make an employer a top place to work is vital to the success of any business.

Many organisations are utilizing exit feedback opportunities to capture key information from employees as they leave the company. Rather than simply documenting human resources information, the feedback might also capture knowledge about what it takes to do a particular job, how to improve corporate and departmental culture, and identifies possible issues with management. Exit feedback data can provide valuable trend information that can be utilised to prevent employees from following their colleagues out the door.


Perception Mapping Pty Ltd provides Exit Feedback services to assist organisations in gathering information from employees as they depart. Feedback is generally collected via an anonymous or confidential and secure web interface. Outsourcing the interview process to a non-biased third party can allow employees to feel more comfortable providing information, thus increasing the amount, thoroughness and quality of the information obtained.

Interview data is housed in a centralized repository enabling efficient data storage and long-term retention. This enables companies with multiple locations or remote staff to consolidate exit feedback data into one centralised system. Our Information Management services allows query, analysis and trending and can be sorted by department, division, geography or job role with the click of a button. Repetitive issues can be identified and addressed to positively impact employee retention.


By documenting feedback from employees as they resign, an organisation can identify and resolve key issues that may be impacting employee retention and control costs associated with employee turnover and training. The philosophy behind collecting exit feedback provides existing employees with a more positive view of the organisation knowing that management is interested in uncovering concerns through a non-threatening methodology.

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