Do you know what your customers really think?

Your customers, whether they consumers, government or businesses, are your livelihood.  Unsatisfied customers will go elsewhere and in an age ultra-competitiveness, there are hundreds of organisations already lining up to take them.  Loose the support of your customers and you no longer have a business.

But do you really know what your customer's think of you organisation?  Are they satisfied, do they find your organisation helpful or responsive?  Do they see your product as quality and value for money?  Or are they simply waiting for the best opportunity to switch suppliers?

The best way to find answers to these questions is to ask them.  But don't rely on an off-the-shelf customer satisfaction survey.  Every business and every customer is different.  You need to ensure you are asking the right questions.

Perception Mapping's customer satisfaction survey system is a robust and incisive tool which provides companies a distinct edge over competition and greater insight into the marketplace.  The system can be quickly tailored to your business and results are quickly turned around.

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Customer feedback must answer the questions you are asking about your business, your relationship with your customers, their level of satisfaction with the goods or services you provide in terms of quality and cost, and whether what they receive from your company meets or exceeds their expectations. This information should be targeted towards allowing you to make improvements on the way you do business.

The best way to have high customer acquisition and retention rates is by providing consistent high quality customer service at a competitive price. Perception Mapping’s online solutions deliver the following benefits to businesses to enable them to gain a competitive edge.

Faster Turnaround:
Perception Mapping’s real-time capability reduces survey activation speeds and provides live data access and reports which enable companies to respond instantly to customer feedback. Perception Mapping’s automated and event-driven capabilities provide businesses with more consistent survey releases, up-to-date results and programmable emails alerts, resulting in a unified analysis across a global organization.

More In-Depth Analysis:
Perception Mapping’s powerful software solutions provide the integration of existing customer data, from CRM databases or other business systems, allowing companies to conduct more in-depth data collection and analysis, and to identify areas for improvement and new opportunities across a single platform.

High Degree of Flexibility:
Perception Mapping’s online solutions provide a high level of flexibility and scalability for a fully customizable user-friendly online survey platform. Businesses can take advantage of the fully multi-lingual survey and reporting capabilities enabling a single platform across the global internet marketplace.

Cost Effective:
Perception’s Mapping’s clients have often enjoyed a cost reduction of 70-90% on online survey solutions, as compared with traditional telephone and paper surveys. Perception Mapping assures their clients that all vital customer data is being handled by one of the most secure systems in the industry.

If you are interested in finding out how Perception Mapping can help design and manage customer feedback systems, simply click to start a conversation.


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