Map and Survey Workplace Cultures.

Perception Mapping delivers a unique visual map of your organisation's culture, covering unlimited divisions, locations and variables.

Dissatisfaction, discrimination and office politics can cause significant harm to your organisation. An unhealthy work place culture leads to low productivity, increased absenteeism and low moral. If left untreated tension between individual employees and groups inside of your organisation has the potential to cause significant damage, even negligent lawsuits.

If the culture of your organisation is not aligned with the business goals and strategies, it is unlikely your company is operating at peak performance. But what is culture?

Culture is usually created by the beliefs and values of the person who started the business. This is relatively easy in very small micro businesses and companies where the founder still takes an active part in running it.

But this is not always perpetuated from top-level management and down through the ranks in larger businesses, especially if staff turnover has been high.

Culture is fairly fragile and staff who are unhappy may drag others down without really knowing why. A new enthusiastic employee with fresh ideas may get the “don’t bother, that’s the way we always do it” response and it won’t take long for the fresh idea and enthusiasm to disappear.

Culture is the way a company does things but it’s not something that is developed by managers with a thick procedures manual, or developed by telling staff how to create culture. People in the business develop it from their passion, their beliefs and this is a reflection of the way they see management act and react. 

Our tools can assess how work is done on a day-to-day basis and from this information we can suggest ways to improve delivery of your activities. We can make a rapid assessment of how aligned the executive team is to your strategic direction, vision and values.

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