360 Degree Feedback & Employee Development

It isn't only about the feedback.  The culture counts too.

The popularity of 360-degree feedback is undeniable. Yet, the perceived benefits will help the personal development of workers only in the right organisational culture.  Impliment such a program in the wrong environment or a poor workplace culture and the results can be detrimental.

A recent analysis of organisations that had failed or performed poorly in the use of 360 Degree Feedback tools identified the following common mistakes:

  • Feedback tied to merit pay or promotions
  • Comments traced to individuals causing resentment between workers
  • Feedback not linked to organizational goals or values
  • Use of the feedback tool as a stand alone without follow-up
  • Poor implementation of 360-degree tool negatively affects motivation
  • Excessive number of surveys are required of each worker with few tangible results provided to individuals

Perception Mapping can help ensure that your organisations' 360 Degree Feedback and employment development programs are deployed in such a way as to avoid known problems.

Without a custom designed solution, that works within the existing work culture, you risk rolling out a feedback program that delivers poor results, even causing harm.  Contact us to discuss how we can improve your employee development and feedback programs.

Organisations that reported success and return on value from their 360 Degree Feedback methods had one or more of the following environmental attributes present:

  • Organizational culture climate fosters individual growth
  • Criticisms seen as opportunities for improvement
  • Proper framing of feedback method by management
  • Assurance that feedback will be kept confidential
  • Development of feedback tool based on organizational goals and values
  • Brief workers, evaluators and supervisors about purpose, uses of data and methods of survey prior to distribution of tool
  • Train workers in appropriate methods to give and receive feedback
  • Support feedback with back-up services or customized coaching

Perception Mapping initially works closely with your organisation to help ensure the best environments for capturing and acting on feedback is created.  By setting the environment first, we can be confident that a custom designed program will work for your organisation.  Contact us to discuss how such a program might work for your team.

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