“If we are going to assist in the manner we hope, we need to work closely with our clients to monitor change and customise each diagnostic to the needs of the moment,” says Gerard McNeill, a founder of Perception Mapping.

He says the most important stage of the Perception Mapping process involves working with the client organisation to design a customised set of focus questions for use during the mapping process.

Shire of Plantagenet CEO Rob Stewart says a Perception Mapping team member worked face to face with his staff in small groups during the survey process.

“Gerard [McNeill] explained to my staff why management wanted to do this, why they shouldn’t be scared of it or apprehensive or anything like that, that we only wanted to find out things that would help management do the job better,” he says.  “The [high-touch aspect] was great — in fact it was a little bit too good, because just about immediately staff were saying, ‘hey, how’d we go, what are the issues — can we find out?’.”

Australian bank, BankWest, used Perception Maps to survey staff on issues such as workload and impediments to doing business and WA country chief manager Jim Watson says the Perception Mapping team members provide an encouraging environment for staff participating in the survey process.

“The process allowed staff to air their views in an honest format without feeling threatened or intimidated,” he says.

“It also engaged staff in finding some of the solutions to those [identified] issues in a friendly environment.”

Jim says BankWest management received “very positive” feedback from staff in a response survey done after the Perception Mapping process.

Volcom's (an international fashion label) chief executive officer John Clapham says the customised aspect of the Perception Mapping process was well received by his management and staff when the company first worked with PM to map staff perception on various in-house issues.

“It wasn’t just a basic formula,” he says.

“[Perception Mapping] were actually developing it to our staff and our clientele, so it’s not just ‘these are the questions we’re going to ask’, they were interacting with us.”

John says the Perception Mapping team’s personalised approach throughout the process has led to an established relationship between Perception Mapping and Volcom.

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