Why don't organisations work to keep staff (happy)?

Posted by Gerard McNeill
Feb 5 2008 3:50pm| Posted in Surveys & Mapping | Comments (0)

I visited my bank this afternoon with a need to change my pin number. While we were standing at the machine the bank assistant queried me on what was Perception Mapping (it was on my shirt logo!)? I told her we helped businesses to better understand the people side of their workplace....and boy did she open up!!

Having arrived from South Africa recently she went to the bank to get a job. She has a commerce degree from back home that is not recognised here. No problem she said...I will do the extra units to convert to a qualification from here. Why then cannot the bank understand her true value and find her a suitable job in the meantime? Why cannot they sit down and seek to understand her true skill set? Why could they not find her a job suited to her true experience and knowledge? Instead they mess her round shifting her all over the place doing unskilled jobs and promoting others with less abilities to better positions. Not once have they tried to get to know her true value.

Crazy short story but so common amongst our bigger, busier organisations. No time they say! No time to understand that their workforce is just a collection of many individuals. Each individual with unique attributes to offer. We might ask why this bank didn't work to keep this lady....all because they didn't work to keep her happy!!

What do you think?

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